You are not a clone, you’re unique. I know I am! Yet most Spoons are factory made. Clones. Treat yourself to a bespoke tool, whittled, cutled, mongered and explained by a Monger. Live a little.


This is where spoons go when they are unwanted. Hell and Heaven are the same to them. If nobody wants them. Just saying ...

Fires are increasing across our planet, not just in the ones you hear about in the Amazon, Australia or California, but all over Europe, Africa, Asia and now the Arctic.

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I am old enough to be part of what you would call history. Also bald, definitely a man (therefor often wrong). So if I’ve managed to offend you, and you consider that a bad thing - do say. It wasn’t intentional. Please advise. About a spoon, or me, as you wish. Or you, if you are a minority of more than one.

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