Minority Spoons

... for minorities

You are not a clone, you’re unique. I know I am! Yet most Spoons are factory made. Clones. Treat yourself to a bespoke tool, whittled, cutled, mongered and explained by a Monger. Live a little.

Mr Jack Daw

Jack is an old word for thief. And the Daws (corvids) have been renowned for nicking trinkets and such like. And so with mention of Gazza, the Welsh Fusiliers and the Romans I ramble on. People who collect things also seem, to me, to be manically or obsessively acquisitive. But some people cannot help themselves and even collect ... spoons!

Thieves History
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Diversity apology

Many minorities use spoons. I myself am in several minorities - so people tell me. And I use spoons! They address the difficulties that we might have eating. Minority ≠ Disability. However I am old enough to be part of what you would call history - and not very “woke”, also bald and definitely a man (therefor often wrong). So if I’ve managed to offend you, and you consider that a bad thing - do say. It wasn’t intentional. Please advise. Minority Spoons May 2020