All my life I have started things and never finished them. I think I enjoy learning more than doing. As for being practical, I can barely strike a match without it breaking. I once made a pair of trousers to prove to a class of 9 year olds that "Sir" could do what they could do. Sadly I stitched the wrong seams together and made a skirt.

But having met Dave and Maurice, two guys that whittle, give courses and have made a living from green wood working - and chatted over a few old bottles of champagne from some distant wedding, I thought I'd have a go. It is remarkably easy. With my Opinel knife I made a "Spirit in the Wood" and played around for a bit. Then a proper Mora knife and a pruning saw helped me make a spatula. Then a curved Mora knife and I was into spoons. But the carving axe was the biggest eye-opener. Lastly (?) an old brace drill and I was done. Maybe an adze, gouge and a drawknife. Then I'm done. Maybe ...

For the first time in my life I got on with something time-consuming but simple. With an audiobook and a bottle of home-brew. And I learned patience and, I suppose, being in the moment. That all sounds a bit ponsy.

So I make NO bones about knowing little but persevering, and it all comes naturally. I wont recommend any web sites or Instagram accounts because that would be condescending. They are the experts to watch and follow. I'm just having some fun. Search for #spoons #greenwoodworking and such like.