My alien spoon is very similar to a spatula. I just don’t like calling them that though. Why would you use the word “spat” when it comes to food. Flatula would be better. Or not. Possibly the Norwegian “StekeSpade”.

The only aliens that I have thought much about are Daleks. A Dalek would say: “I wish I had hands. I like spoons. I don’t like humans. Exterminate.” And they’d just steal the idea. 

Having given this considerable thought I am thinking that Daleks would have to feed each other because they don’t have elbows. Probably through the grill.

Curiosity wheeled past what could be an alien picnic spot on Mars recently. Check out the floating spoon and the one behind it. Actual unretouched photos, by the way.

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“If you want to share a meal with an alien, you may have to begin by broadening your definition of a meal. A lot.

That's the conclusion Christy Spackman, a social scientist, chemist and chef at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University (ASU), came to when she began thinking about the role food could play in establishing diplomatic relationships with extraterrestrial beings. Her "menu" was inspired by an ASU project focused on developing communities beyond Earth.”