Interesting fact. We all have a small percentage of Neanderthal genes in us. And even more interestingly it’s a different mix of genes in each of us. 

Scientists say that they could reconstruct up to 30% of an actual Neanderthal given time, permission and a chemistry set. Perhaps you know somebody who’s already evolving on that road? I know I do. And it’s not always the forehead that’s a giveaway. 

They could almost certainly use these spoons, and probably for eating. I know that when my daughter tries to be smart I have to remind her that once I had to teach her how to use a spoon. It's not necessarily intuitive. 

Spoons evolved from fingers to chopsticks - neither much use for soup. A Spirtle, used in Scotland, is basically a stick and damn difficult to eat porridge off, too.

Use this spoon wisely.