Things don't always turn out the way you plan. The trick is to carefully draw on paper the shape that you want. Then transfer this to the wood which you have previously axed to the rough shape. Then you carefully follow the lines with the knife.

Prounce it "K - nife" and you realise that it is in fact the French word "Canif" by the way.

Not because I am some amazing free spirit but more because I tend to just get on with things without all the restricting forethought, I tend to axe away to a spoonish or knifeish rough shape. Then I begin to have an idea of what it wants to be and develop it from there. Once made I then rationalise the shape or design and find a meaning for it. This you will see as you browse through my left handed spoons for right handed people (and vice versa), spoons for mask wearers and spoons for aliens, specifically Daleks.

This is one I use often for flipping pancakes and omelettes. It has a slight 'spoon' in the middle. It's lucky it came out as anything useful! A fluke, in other words.

The beautiful lines of colour from the cherry wood stand out.