Fish lizards were not dinosaurs, although they were around at the same time as some of them. Originally land animals they went back into the sea, and some even developed horizontal tails - convergent evolution did this again with the cetaceans. Maybe “humans” evolved previously to fill a similar niche that we do now.

The Zero Sum game shows how wins and losses cancel each other out. Based on capitalism whereby if I have something, then you don’t. In a world of plenty - which in the West is fostering Universal Basic Income - and in a digital world, I might own a thing (such as a song, picture, essay, book...) but then everyone else can also have a copy.

However in a desperate need to be one up on others, even if there are a trillion EXACT copies of something, you can authenticate one with an NFT and people will bid against each other to “own” it. You’ll have heard of Beeple, the artist who sold his work as an NFT for nearly $70 million at a Christie's auction, he EVEN retained the copyright to the images making up the artwork. Nobody knows who owns it unless they tell people, so I find it hard to imagine that people would spend millions.....oh, hang on, humans.....

A man in Brooklyn is attempting to sell audio clips of farts as non-fungible tokens, the cryptocurrency gaining popularity. The NFT is aptly named 'One Calendar Year of Recorded Farts,' so buyers know exactly what they'll be getting. Additionally, individual and unique bouts of flatulence are available for approximately $89 a fart, or 0.05 Ethereum, a cryptocurrency. One has been sold so far. (19/3/21).

OK, I think I used the word “evolution” earlier on. Sorry.