The Three Daws, an ancient pub in Gravesend, was a home to smugglers (tax thieves). Maybe its name originates from the same background that meant "thieving magpies", the same Corvid family that includes Jack Daws? Linnaeus gave Jack Daw the name Corvus monedula. Mondedula from the italian for money, as they were renowned for stealing shiny objects such as coins.

Italian for magpie is "Gazza", a famous goal poacher in English football.

Spoons have developed from chopsticks. And that’s about it. There’s not a huge history of the development of spoons yet some people will collect anything! I have yet to find an interesting web site about spoons - apart from this one.

I did visit a Museum of Cutlery, however, in Thiers, right in the middle of France. We had also been to a Beret Museum and a Macaron Museum. Trust the French!

Cutlery in french is ‘coutellerie’. Like about 80% of english words, it is pretty much the same in both languages. Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929) – French Prime Minister said “English is just badly pronounced French.” 

The Americans have a museum of cutlery too. Based on the ‘cut’ in cutlery they claim that cutlery means a tool with an edge to it. Thank god I saw no mention of spoons there.

Entrepreneur means "to take between" which I think is a pretty close ally to "niche marketing". So back to mindless collectors - entrepreneurs have been quick to supply these people with endless spoons to buy. Souvenir spoons. We used to have a Goat & Dairy supplies business called “Harvester” and we used to sell thousands of little silver plated spoons with the goat of the Welsh Fusiliers on them. 

The site “Discover a Hobby” has a page of advice for would-be spoon collectors. They suggest “There are other kinds of spoons that are made, but these have varying properties that cannot be understood. In Rome, during the beginning of the first century, there were mainly two different kinds of spoons that were used. One called the ligula was mainly used in the process of drinking liquid food like soups and porridge. The design of this spoon was such that it was easy to use for the consumption of liquids. The other spoon that was used was called the cochleare and this was different from the first one in shape and use. This was used to consume foods like sea foods and even eggs. The shape of each spoon was different and the sizes also varied.”

They all look like spoons to me, though!

They say that the reason for collections is that it gives a sense of happiness. The hobby also makes you avoid feeling bored when you do some work.

Here are some spoons to start with: 

  1. Mote. 
  2. Caviar. 
  3. Table. 
  4. Demitasse. 
  5. Marrow. 
  6. Caddy. 
  7. Absinthe. 
  8. Runcible. 
  9. Souvenir. 
  10. Mine!!