The Scratchbacker is absolutely ideal for lonely people. To be seen making obscene writhing movements against a door frame or pillar in public to reach an itch between your shoulder blades is asking for trouble. This spoon can come with a longer handle if needed though it shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to go up from the waist instead of down from the neck. Yeesh. The things you have to explain to people. Still, that’s why I do instructional videos.

Asking a total stranger to quickly scratch an itch - even if it is high up on your back - is rarely successful. Both these methods have even been known to end up with a Citizens Arrest. 

But you can now offer the Scratchbacker in confidence to anyone and ask for their help. Be wary though. It’s very difficult to know who to trust in this emergency, but one essential guideline is eyebrows. Eyebrows tell us everything. This is why you can never trust a sheep - they don’t have eyebrows so you never really know what they are thinking.

It can also be used to scratch other things, or even gardening in a small window-box. I’d be glad to know of further uses. Personally I wouldn’t advise using it as a Spork.

Made from hawthorn and with the bark left on the back. Designed to look like, and give, a helping hand. It features an offset angling of the fingers.