The Vicious Magnetism of J. Maxwell and its Tragic Consequences in Physics - an article by Mr Sizov - is very nearly fascinating but sadly based on a misunderstanding of electromagnetism. Thus these particles described with their spins and spinorites will never make up a moon.

Spoonerisms are named after the Reverend William Archibald Spooner (1844–1930) who would occasionally get the first letters of ‘mords wuddled’ up. And also switching composite words round. Rev Spooner himself only admitted to one: the hymn “Kinquering Congs Their Titles Take" (Not Conquering Kings etc).

I’ve taken liberty with words since a child which is either a sign of stupidity, bad education or an agile mind. Jet White seemed a very descriptive and blinding colour to me. Though Jet Black was what you became if you stood behind a jet engine when it was firing. Being red/green colour blind meant that adjectives helped discernment. 

My first whittle was a Scratchbacker. On cold nights I wear a Nightinggown. I like inventing words though usually unknowingly. My wife also, alas, makes up ‘mal mots’. Famously using Groogle to see if she had a Papal account.

Being a magician for a while (Wizard Wonky) one of my well-thumbed books was called Cunning Stunts.

Jorge Luis Borge played with the idea of a language where nouns did not exist but objects were described with verbs plus an added adverbial syllable instead in his story "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius". 

"The moon rose above the water" becomes "upward behind the onstreaming it mooned". There is far more depth to this as indeed there is with all his stimulating stories. A language fun to play with when waking up half asleep.

I used to wonder why a certain animal is called a Cow and not a Moo. Or even a Beef? Its name should refer to one of our senses! Onomatopoeias should rule! The connection between the idea of what a thing is and the label we give it is not there. And then maybe we'd all use the same descriptive sound for it, world wide! That's Locke's idea, anyway.

Word play is fascinating and enables a far richer involvement in life, the universe and everything.  Oxymorons are beautifully inventive and playful. Oxy is  Greek for "No" and Moron is Greek for "Fool". That's me!

And so to bed.