Worth a look!

Minority Spoons

Unusual rationales for specifically designed spoons hand-made from trees!

Acoustik - unique music stand

Bright, colourful, light. Add style to your playing - and so easy to use! No fiddly knobs or black metal. All wood, magnets & 3D printing.

Light Moods

I experience life in words. Few colours or images. Also red/green colourblind. So I bought an iPhone to teach myself to see - more than that, to see and feel. If art doesn’t communicate, then it fails. What is the point of art otherwise? 

I hope these pictures give you a sense of quiet, contemplation, fun or awe. They are £25 each, printed on canvas, 20cm square. 3 for £50 (they look best in groups!). £5 postage for any size order. Email me.

Please click on a picture to enjoy it much bigger.