Minority Spoons

... for minorities

SPINORITY MOONS. (That's a Spoonerism!). Specialist tools (mainly spoons) to eat with. Click Fabrications to read intellectual if pretentious whimsy from my Wandering Mind each based around a Spoon.

I am the SpoonMonger

Mongers sell things. CostaMongers sell coffee. IronMongers do laundry. FishMongers sell stuff we shouldn’t eat, now we've evolved out of the sea. I make Spoons, uniquely designed and made from green wood. If I heard them correctly, others agree I am indeed a Monger.


I am proud to continue the ancient craft of simple people making simple tools from simple materials. Even chimpanzees use sticks to "spoon" out ants or termites. And we didn't even evolve from chimps. We invented spoons ourselves! I am quite simple, it turns out. And very nearly ancient.


Moslems believe in a god called Allah. They believe that only Allah can make perfect things. When a Moslem makes something, such as their beautiful carpets, they introduce a small mistake in the pattern so as not to step on Allah's toes. Which is why my spoons aren’t perfect. Not just because I‘m not very good. But I am unique.

£95 (or not)

A beautiful coloured wood, finished as all my Fabrications are with organic flax (linseed) oil of food grade, no additives. And pure organic beeswax. They take days to create and perfect. Finding the wood, understanding what it wants to be, designing, making, sanding and oiling. Using hand tools only. No electrons were moved against their Will. Will Power (or Quintessence) is the 5th fundamental force of nature yet to be incorporated into the Grand Unifaction Theory. Though it has sneaked into quantum theory! If you’d like one - you’re welcome, though you can buy cheaper and better. Email me.

Worth a look!

Acoustik - unique music stand

Bright, colourful, light. Add style to your playing - and so easy to use! No fiddly knobs or black metal. All wood, magnets & 3D printing.

Light Moods - worth a look!

Photos on canvas to catch your eye, your mind - and take you somewhere.

Diversity apology

Many minorities use spoons. I myself am in several minorities - so people tell me. And I use spoons! They address the difficulties that we might have eating. Minority ≠ Disability. However I am old enough to be part of what you would call history - and not very “woke”, also bald and definitely a man (therefor often wrong). So if I’ve managed to offend you, and you consider that a bad thing - do say. It wasn’t intentional. Please advise. Minority Spoons May 2020